Building an impactful and timeless brand identity.

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From idea to execution.

We were tasked with the strategy, design and build of an impactful and timeless visual identity/brand system for ‘Manaia’ (Manaia Motorhomes).

A modern & tech-based premium motorhome rental service based in Northland & Auckland. We developed an over arching brand framework that stretches across all aspects of the business and grounds the brand in its geographical context, communicating clearly and concisely its offering to the market.

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Clever & Modern: The Manaia Motor Homes are top of the range, full specification vehicles equipped with the latest tech and gadgets. The branding had to speak to this ‘modern’ ideal, using a modernist sans serif typeface for the logotype we convey this ‘tech-savvy’ notion to our customer.

Approachable & Friendly: With customised tails & descenders in the logotype sharp flaring tails have been designed to contrast against the ‘round’ and ‘full’ form of the letters. Creating a ‘sharp & modern’ feel balanced by the important ideal of ‘approachability, this sense of ’friendliness’ is achieved through our type-weight and the rounded letterforms.

Kiwi: The Manaia brand was built around the culture and Identity of NZ, Manaia’s unique tone has been developed as a sure of themselves Kiwi everyday hero type operator, humble yet clever. The colour scheme employed has been developed from and referenced directly from an aerial photo of Mount Manaia in the Whangarei Heads, instantly grounding the brand visually in a clean green NZ context, evocative of the scenes and colour that rush past the window as you drive a Manaia Motorhome.


Manaia is a superior product and a high-end service as industry leaders in their space we developed a brand aesthetic that played on these premium notions whilst still remaining very much ‘approachable’, ‘friendly’ and most importantly ‘kiwi’ in the look and feel.

Tasked with building the branding entirely from scratch we designed a modern yet timeless identity system and a set of logo marks focused on positioning Manaia Motorhomes firmly in its geographical context: (celebrating its home of Northland and conveying the beauty of ‘clean green NZ’ throughout each brand touchpoint.

Deliverables = Logos, Icon, Combo Mark, Research/Strategy Design Development, Website Design, Website Development, Creative Direction.

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