Craft CMS is a fully-featured and flexible content management system that makes managing website content a breeze. Experts in Craft CMS and Craft Commerce, Flight Digital are an Auckland based web design agency that specialises in building beautiful websites, customised to meet your businesses needs.

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Keeping the content fresh doesn’t have to be a chore. Craft gives us the tools to build an inviting and intuitive publishing experience that your content managers will actually enjoy using.


Every store is different. Rather than force you into a certain way of doing things, Craft Commerce puts you in control of everything from product modelling to the customer checkout process to order processing workflows.

Craft CMS doesn’t make any assumptions about your content, or how it will be presented. This means that Flight Digital can build exactly what you need rather than using a pre-built theme.

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Bringing excitement and pride to the kiwi kitchen.

Developing a globally scalable platform for an iconic Kiwi brand

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