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09 May, 2024

Introducing Sanity Create: This is how we create now

Introducing Sanity Create: This is how we create now.

Our team are very excited about this one, an update which will truly reinvent the way a lot of our clients do business. Sanity has unleashed a reinvented writing experience that blends the artistic flair of generative AI with the seamless integration of Sanity Studio—a platform we at Flight Digital proudly partner with.

Imagine a space where your content creation is not bound to external editors like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Sanity Create changes this dynamic, providing:

  • Distraction-Free Environment: Mirrors your favorite word processor, perfect for individual and team collaborations.
  • Centralised Creative Inputs: Keep insights, statistics, and outlines organised and accessible.
  • Advanced AI Assistance: Writes impressively and adapts to your latest ideas and style nuances.
  • Efficient Content Staging: [Coming soon] Seamlessly integrate free-form content into structured setups in Sanity Studio.

Step into the future of writing—set up in minutes and start creating instantly. No developer setup required.

Who Will Benefit? Sanity Create is ideal for anyone involved in content creation across various roles—marketing, user experience design, e-commerce, community management, and legal documentation. It promises to revolutionise your content production speed and quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined Workspace: All tools and inputs in one clutter-free space.
  • AI-Powered Writing: Adapts and evolves to match your creative demands.
  • Customisable Writing Zone: Designed for distraction-free creativity and collaboration.

Explore New Possibilities:

  • Iterate with Ease: Refine content based on team feedback.
  • Adapt Across Channels: Transform content for different media effortlessly.
  • Tailor Content for Audiences: Create variants for A/B testing and audience segmentation.

Experience Sanity Create: Discover a superior writing experience at sanity.io/create. Engage it as a brainstorming partner without the need for coffee. A better writing journey awaits.

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