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19 Feb, 2024

The genius of Kanye's unorthodox Super Bowl ad

Kanye West's recent Super Bowl commercial: genius or waste? 🤔 While the disgraced rapper's 30-second selfie video ad might have the internet in splits, it has paid dividends - and is actually really clever.

Ye dropped a whopping $7 million on a 30-second spot for his Yeezy fashion line, but spent nada on production. Instead, he went DIY and filmed a selfie-style ad in the back of a car using his phone, an unconventional approach that stood out and led to almost $20 million in Yeezy sales.

But it's the resulting user data and long term marketing opportunities that have us impressed.

We've put together a little slide-show of sorts, illustrating just this. Check it out here.

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