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Healthcare professionals don’t have time to waste. There aren’t enough hours in the day as it is. They also aren’t used to making decisions about their technology use. They normally let their IT teams do that for them. So when we were tasked with getting healthcare professionals excited about a new healthcare collaboration platform, we knew we needed to create an experience that was different from most work-related software-as-a-service product websites.


Our approach was built around three pillars – simplicity, empathy and creativity. We knew that to connect with this highly-discerning audience, we needed to create an experience that was streamlined and highly relevant, but that also felt dynamic and fresh. Something that was more like a consumer-facing website than the boring enterprise platforms that dominate their working lives. We decided on a technology stack that was all about speed and a design aesthetic that prioritised dynamism, energy and humanity. A truly innovative approach to a category that’s normally all about playing it safe.


Celo’s new website is befitting of a brand that’s set for global expansion. Future-proofed and lightning fast thanks to a Sanity + React tech stack, the platform enables quick scaling into new markets with minimal fuss and easily configurable geo-specific content.

“We’re really pleased with the end result of our new Celo website! Although the project was big and at times challenging, we are pleased with the outcome and look forward to many exciting new changes as we continue our work together! Thanks Flight!”

Steve, Celo Co-founder


Jack Lochore

General Manager

Ashley Jeong

UX/UI Designer

Taylor Abernethy-Newman

Head of Technology

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