Architecting a compelling home base.

Futura Trailers’ new digital platform is more than just a website—it's a strategic asset that enhances the brand's digital footprint and supports its global expansion strategy. Through innovative technology and thoughtful design we helped Futura redefine the trailer buying experience, setting a new standard in the industry.


Founded by the Reid brothers, Futura Trailers combines a rich family legacy in transportation with global design and engineering prowess. As the market leader in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA, Futura has set its sights on further expansion. The challenge was clear: to craft a digital presence as innovative and leading-edge as their trailers.

Despite its success, Futura faced a fragmented online presence with multiple Shopify stores providing inconsistent user experiences. They needed a unified platform that not only streamlined user experience but also aligned with their strategic goals of expanding market reach and enhancing brand consistency across geographies.


Together, we created a cutting-edge website that serves as a comprehensive digital brand and customer experience tool. The platform offers an intuitive user interface that showcases the sleekness and functionality of Futura trailers through high-quality imagery, interactive 360-degree views, and product customisers. It also integrates customer testimonials and detailed product videos for an immersive experience that builds trust and drives conversions.


Several technical and operational hurdles were encountered and overcome, including:

  • Including a system for handling deposit and full payments for trailers and accessories.
  • Creating a seamless bundle offer for products at varying pricing strategies.
  • Implementing lottie animations to enhance visual engagement without compromising performance.

The new website significantly improved online discoverability and user engagement, positioning Futura Trailers to achieve its expansion goals while maintaining a solid SEO foundation. Specific metrics showing improvements in user engagement, conversion rates, and market reach would further demonstrate the success of this initiative.

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