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New Zealand Beef and Lamb came to us looking to revitalise and rebuild their website with the objective of creating recipes that kiwis can connect over. We knew that to compete in the recipes space, the site had to have a strong visual identity, be easy to navigate and load fast. It also had to be well considered from an SEO perspective to be able to succeed in a competitive search landscape. The site had to be easy to maintain so the team could easily add to their impressive list of recipes quickly and easily.


We identified three key user journeys in our discovery process that we could build our UX and creative concepts around:

1) I’m looking to find a specific recipe

2) I want to find recipes to match what I have in my pantry

3) I don’t know where to start and I’m looking for inspiration


The new platform helps make it easier for everyday cooks to find and cook recipes they will love. Built in a Sanity + React tech stack, it’s very fast so great for usability as well as rankings. It’s set up to scale up the features and components to keep things fresh for their ever growing list of regular users. The initial feedback from stakeholders and users has been excellent, and early results show a big increase in search rankings and conversion goals.


Ian Howard

Strategic Partner

Jack Lochore

General Manager

Taylor Abernethy-Newman

Head of Technology

Ashley Jeong

UX/UI Designer

Dave Chhour

Senior Developer

Rose Morris

Senior CX Strategist

Jake Hurley

Intermediate Developer

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