Transforming the customer experience through personalisation.

Using our headless CMS, Sanity, we built an onboarding journey fully personalised to every Kiwi cook.


After building the foundations of the website we knew there was more opportunity to enhance the user experience above and beyond serving recipes.

Our strategic insight for this project grew from the recognition of a shift in daily food consumption habits, the rising cost of living, and the desire of many Kiwi cooks for quick, convenient and healthy meal ideas. To level up the brand experience, we needed to ensure is present and offering value when that inevitable question arises - "what's for dinner?"



Because we'd built the original website using our headless technology stack and with considered data layers, the site already held valuable data that could be structured to develop a personalised recipe experience for its users.

We developed - a new user onboarding journey set to understand each visitor's tastes and needs, and to automatically serve them curated recipes and resources based on these preferences.


"Flight delivers us solutions to digital problems we didn't even know existed."

Katie Ward, Marketing Manager

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