Building a globally scalable ecommerce and in-studio experience.

The Whitening Co. brand was built entirely from scratch, all the way from concept, ideation and iteration through to implementation, platform creation, production and entrance to market strategy.

The brief

To re-invent the at home teeth whitening experience. Design, position & produce a trusted premium/luxury at home teeth whitening product/brand with the ability to grow into a fully fledged cosmetic lifestyle brand. Developing a cohesive visual identity and brand strategy system we help to set the company up for the future, readying the brand for expansion into physical clinic locations.

Ensuring the brand is both accessible and affordable was a must. Through considered tone and refined aesthetic direction we have crafted a product with high value perception, matching beautiful design with competitive pricing and exceeding value compared to any competitor product through the actual value of usage.

With a minimalist & premium design ethos at the core, carefully considered and refined aesthetics aid the The Whitening Co in offering and communicating their exceeding value as a simply superior product.

The brief

The results

This project was spread over the course of 6 months. Today The Whitening Co is a successful brand generating a healthy profit margin through their online store, not to mention a loyal brand following as well.

The results

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