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As a Sanity CMS web development agency, we empower companies to easily create fast and SEO-friendly headless websites and apps. One of our main objectives is to equip content creators and marketers with the tools to effortlessly manage and produce content for their websites, web apps, e-commerce platforms, or mobile apps. That's precisely why we've chosen to specialise in Sanity CMS web development. Our clients have been thrilled with the content editing experience we've provided thus far, and we're committed to continuing our investment in the headless content management sector.

Why our clients love using Sanity CMS.

Sanity CMS makes content management a walk in the park, just as it should be Sanity is so user-friendly and intuitive that your team could be up and running within minutes. When compared to a conventional CMS, the learning curve for Sanity CMS is significantly less steep. This ease of use is only one of the many advantages that come with developing Sanity CMS.

Non-developers can manage and store content in a single location, freeing up valuable hours usually spent on content editing tasks by developers. Consider Sanity CMS as the content "backbone" that funnels data to the front end.

This cultivates a single source of truth for content, ensuring consistency across platforms and preventing duplication.

Sanity CMS delivers a user-friendly content editing experience.

Sanity CMS interfaces are completely customizable, enabling an effortlessly navigable and intuitive interface that's ideally suited for crafting pages and editing content.

With a Sanity CMS configuration, you can generate a page by incorporating a collection of modules, populating them with content, previewing it in real-time, and then publishing it all in just a few minutes.

It's also easy to include any type of content, whether it's a text snippet, an image, video, or unique elements such as YouTube videos, forms, or embedded content.

Instantly preview content edits.

Sanity CMS allows you to instantly preview content alterations Don't take a wild guess!

Being able to visualize your modifications before they reach your users is crucial.

Sanity CMS can be set up to display an instant preview of your amendments while you're in the process of typing or altering any content.

The advantage of this feature is the capability to experiment with various layouts and content prior to making your work public.

Teams can collaborate in realtime with Sanity CMS.

Content creation is a joint effort, and Sanity CMS, being a headless content management system, acknowledges this.

Revise, reshape, and alter content concurrently with your team, without the need to figure out who made what changes.

It's also easy to include any type of content, whether it's a text snippet, an image, video, or unique elements such as YouTube videos, forms, or embedded content.

Sanity CMS includes integrated backup and version control.

Even within the Sanity CMS free plan, it provides an inbuilt backup and restore function.

This feature enables you to accurately monitor alterations in a published document, keep track of who implemented these changes and when they were executed, and swiftly revert to a specific version.

Sanity CMS facilitates a modular structure for limitless page creation.

Sanity CMS encourages you to conceive your content as an assembly of modules.

You construct these modules once and then roll out countless pages without writing an additional line of code. That's why web designing with Sanity CMS is a breeze.

This is the advantage of a headless content management system - your team doesn't require developers to publish new pages or organize the layout.

Sanity CMS features flexible image and video management.

Sanity allows all images and videos to be directly handled from within the CMS. Sanity's Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, images, and videos can be searched, organized, uploaded in bulk, and filtered based on all properties (such as file name, file type, and alt text).

More notably, Sanity CMS offers a method for tagging images and videos. These tags can then swiftly filter through files.

When it comes to editing, Sanity enables custom aspect ratios for cropping images and integrating them with any external system without dependency on an existing plugin.

To optimally deliver images, Sanity CMS provides image transformation APIs that can be employed on the front end to dynamically resize images and expedite their loading on mobile devices.

Sanity enables robust, user-friendly, technical SEO.

With Flight's advanced setup of Sanity CMS, you have control over the technical SEO of your pages. Nailing the admin experience was extremely important to us, to ensure you save time and money when delivering meaningful search engine optimisation results. As many of our Sanity projects engage in SEO with Flight after Go Live, it enables our team and yours to efficiently set up, optimise and iterate on your SEO without developer expertise required.

Our standard setup of Sanity CMS allows non-developers to expertly manage visibility on search engines via indexing. It enables the optimisation of page titles and meta descriptions, along with straightforward redirection management. The platform supports automatic generation of sitemaps, doing away with the need for manual submissions to Google Search Console. It even allows for structured data markup, which enhances Google's understanding of your products and content pieces. This feature is instrumental in securing appearances on Rich Results and boosting the representation of your website or e-commerce platform on SERPs, incorporating reviews, images, FAQs, and more via schema markup. Furthermore, Sanity CMS aids in streamlining internal linking to other pages through a custom hyperlink input. This handy feature intuitively detects when a URL has been altered, ensuring that you'll never link to a 404 page again.

For more info, check out Sanity's ultimate guide to headless SEO here.

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