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Flight Digital is a social media agency gathering a dynamic team of strategists, creatives, developers, and social media marketers. We are committed to unlocking the full growth potential for your brand.

We do social media management for meaningful impact

Our approach begins with a meticulous understanding of your customers needs, employing data-led insights to delve deep into their preferences, behaviours, and the unique role your brand plays in their lives. This comprehensive understanding forms the bedrock of your social media marketing strategy, tailored across a spectrum of channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.

Embark on a journey of meaningful impact with our creative and analytical approach to Social Media Marketing. We seamlessly blend traditional brand marketing insights with our expertise in performance marketing.

Our process involves a deep exploration of your audience and their behaviours, leveraging data, insights, and intuition to offer a one of a kind strategy to achieve your goals. From crafting content marketing strategies to intricately planning social calendars and ad campaign structures, our team ensures a holistic integration of social media within your overarching marketing strategy.

Our services

Our team is committed to shaping a social presence that goes beyond simple posts, captivating your audience and strengthening your brand. Explore creative solutions with us across a range of services :

Social media campaign management

Our agency offers comprehensive social media management, transforming your online presence through quality content, daily activity, and consistent follower growth. We create engaging content that familiarises your followers with your brand, strengthening the connection and perceived value. Our services have been tested to drive growth, particularly when combined with our social advertising. Using proven strategies, we maximise results at lower cost, whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other platforms, generating significant conversions and boosting your brand's visibility.

Instagram marketing

Reach more customers with effective Instagram posts tailored specifically to your brand. Post on Instagram Reels that meet algorithmic requirements and increase your brand's visibility. Create engagement with your customers. Our social media team knows how to meet customer’s expectations and position your brand in front of potential clients.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads also require a number of requirements that you need to master before putting your ads online. Whether it's the quality of the visuals, their content or their format, you need detailed expertise to create shareable content.

Tik tok marketing

Tik tok has become one of the most popular platforms for millenials in recent years. So it's essential to promote your brand on this new medium. However, this means respecting the platform's communication codes. Whether in terms of the form of the content or the targeting, enlisting the help of marketing professionals is essential to ensure the success of your campaign.

Our steps in creating a social media campaign

Our process involves a deep exploration of your audience and their behaviours, leveraging data, insights, and intuition to offer a one of a kind strategy to achieve your goals. From crafting content marketing strategies to intricately planning social calendars and ad campaign structures, our team ensures a holistic integration of social media within your overarching marketing strategy :

  • Understand Your Business, Target Audience & Competition

Understand your business, the way you interact with your audience, your presence, the strengths and weaknesses of your current communications. This is all information that needs to be gathered upstream of the project in order to identify the areas you need to work on.

  • Defining the most suitable social media platforms

Following this initial phase, we will define the best tools to use to promote your content. This will make it possible to identify the specific features of each medium (content, form, etc.).

  • Content Creation

Creation of video, photo and text content and any other element that will enhance the performance of the future campaign. This can be included in an SEO campaign, to develop your visibility sustainably and effectively.

  • Content Calendar Publishing

Give you visibility of forthcoming actions with a publication calendar linked to events in your brand and commercial environment.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Your digital environment is changing, and so is your performance. You need to track the performance of your campaigns and monitor them to uncover new opportunities and optimise your campaign spend.

A social media management company to take you to the next level

Brands, entrepreneurs and growing businesses can all launch pages on today's most popular social networks to connect with their audience and publish content that interests them.
To differentiate yourself, your success on social media therefore depends on your use of imagery to attract attention and traffic to your product pages and create a community loyal to your brand.

Our social media management company is specialised into helping businesses, brands, or individuals manage their presence and activities on various social media platforms. From content writer to social media advisers, we are equipped with expertise in social media strategy, content creation, audience engagement, analytics, and advertising. Our primary goal is to enhance our client's social media presence, build brand awareness, and drive engagement with the target audience.

We integrate social media advertising in your customer journey

From discovering your brand to making a purchase, there are many opportunities for you to connect with your audience. At Flight Digital, we analyse each stage of the consumer journey to define the opportunities available to you to promote your products or services.

The evolution of social networks is also making it easier for visitors to go straight from the medium to the shopping basket on your site. For example, shopping on Instagram gives your company an immersive showcase that allows users to explore your best products using the shopping function.

The process is similar for shopping on other platforms. We recommend using an e-commerce generator such as Shopify, for which we specialise.

Audience understanding for effective strategies

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, our agency recognizes the social media role in communication, customer loyalty, and activation. This understanding enables us to design intelligent strategies that cater to the unique needs of both businesses and their audiences. From comprehensive account management to the art of storytelling and the efficiency of content automation, our solutions span the entire spectrum of social media marketing needs.

Crafting authentic social experiences

Modern social media marketing transcends traditional self-promotion, emphasising the delivery of valuable content that forges authentic connections. Our focus lies in designing and building content that not only showcases your brand but creates genuine interactions on your social platforms. We place a significant emphasis on the customer journey, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience from the first spark of interest to the final stages of conversion and retention. This customer-centric approach is supported by ongoing optimization efforts, ensuring real-time evolution and the most profitable cost per acquisition.

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