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08 Aug, 2021

Instagram Creators Studio & Scheduling Posts

We prayed and the social gods answered!

Social media admins can now schedule, publish and control their Instagram feed and IGTV content from desktop using Facebook’s Creator Studio. Previously limited only to Facebook content, Instagram insights are now incorporated into Creator Studio, unlocking a variety of possibilities for social media managers.

This update only means good things for social media managers, and we are excited to explore the possibilities of managing Instagram through Creator Studio. Here are some of the benefits we have already discovered:

#1 Less hassle

Previously, access to Instagram’s insights was limited to mobile devices only, and we all know the pain of squinting at a five-inch screen in order to interpret these analytics. The introduction of Instagram to Creator Studio means that valuable insights are ready to view on your desktop screen, reducing the hassle of switching from mobile to desktop, to back to mobile… and then back to desktop.

This merge successfully streamlines your access to both social platforms into one central environment. Accessing both your Facebook and Instagram insights on desktop creates an integrated experience, so you can compare, manage and switch between both platforms with fluidity and ease.

#2 Hustle everyday

The most prized feature from this integration is the ability to schedule your Instagram posts and IGTV content in advance. Let’s say you know that your core audience is active on Instagram from 5-7pm, but during this time you are already at home, in your sweatpants, watching the latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Scheduling allows you to set your posts to go live at any time of the day so that your content is published when your audience is most active online. This increases the likelihood of capturing your audience’s attention and interest, consequently boosting your brand engagement.

If you’ve already been using time-scheduling capabilities through external apps, this scheduling update eliminates the need for the middleman app and lets you schedule your content from Instagram itself.

#3 Beautify

Once you have scheduled your posts, Creator Studio will provide a visual representation of the content you have queued, ordered by the time that you wish to publish your content. Being able to visualise your queued posts before they go live will help you to sequence your content in a way that works for your Instagram page. If the order or the time of your posts don’t quite match your final vision, you can get onto this early and edit the posts to your desired position.

This feature is ideal if your Instagram page uses colour, themes, or tells a story through your posted content. If you are looking to curate a beautifully organised Instagram aesthetic, scheduling posts through Creator Studio is a great place to start.

#4 Time is money

With all of these new features, ultimately what this means is that you are spending less time transferring analytics from mobile to desktop, switching between social platforms, and routinely posting on Instagram. Managing content has now become a lot easier, which allows you to spend the time that you have saved to optimise your content and grow your business.

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