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31 Jan, 2024

Unpacking Shopify Editions Winter 2024

Welcome to Shopify Editions Winter 2024, marking the first feature release of the year.

The eCommerce landscape continues to evolve and Shopify keeps pace with its biannual Editions releases, dedicated to enhancing its array of tools and products.

As a Shopify Partner agency we always look forward to each new announcement, ready to analyse the updates and highlight the features poised to make a difference for merchants. So what’s new since the last Editions unveiling? Well, it seems Shopify's dialling things back a bit, focusing on shoring up the fundamentals.

We know you’re busy, and the Editions release is a bit of a beast. Fear not, we've done the legwork to curate you a concise summary of all the best bits from this most recent announcement. For the full scoop on all the Editions updates, check out Shopify’s dedicated Editions Winter '24 landing page.

Let’s go.

Shopify B2B: Levelling up your wholesale game

Key Updates: Shopify is doubling down on B2B, rolling out enhancements aimed at improving both customer experience and operational efficiency:

  • Streamlined Checkout: Say hello to the one-page checkout for B2B customers, ensuring lightning-fast transactions and sky-high conversion rates.
  • Tailored Discounts: Merchants can now whip up custom discount codes for wholesale customers, making promos a breeze.
  • Expanded Offerings: Beyond physical products, merchants can now hawk digital downloads, warranties, and services to their wholesale clientele.
  • Sales Rep Support: Assign sales reps to B2B customers, empowering them to place orders and view customer info for their assigned company locations.

Plus, brace yourselves for Headless in B2B (currently in Developer Preview), offering B2B merchants the freedom to craft unique wholesale experiences without the shackles of a monolithic structure.

Shopify POS: Powering seamless retail experiences

Key Updates: Shopify's been busy fine-tuning its POS game, ironing out the kinks to deliver a top-notch retail experience:

  • State-of-the-art Terminal: Accept payments like a pro with Shopify's sleek new POS terminal, boasting a 99.9% platform uptime.
  • Enhanced Security: Keep those baddies at bay with remote logout functionality and robust PIN options.
  • Effortless Returns: Simplify the returns process with predefined return reasons, ensuring smooth sailing for both staff and customers.

Checkout Extensibility: Personalising the Payment Experience

Key Updates: Shopify's one-page checkout just got a whole lot cooler, with a slew of new extensions to jazz up the checkout experience:

  • Delivery Customisation: Tailor delivery options to fit your customers' needs with ease.
  • Privacy Consent: Stay GDPR-compliant by integrating privacy consent directly into the checkout flow.
  • Enhanced Branding: Amp up your brand presence with custom imagery and branded receipts. Fancy.

To sum things up:

Shopify's Winter Editions may not be the flashiest, but they're a clear indication of Shopify's commitment to its merchants. With each update, Shopify's inching closer to enterprise-level prowess, addressing the evolving needs of the market and its clients.

We're itching to see what the Summer Editions 2024 has in store, so stay tuned for more updates! And if you're curious about Shopify's previous releases or developing an eCommerce Shopify store, give our most recent article a read or drop us a line to chat with our team. 💙

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