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21 Sep, 2023

Spruce up your digital marketing with a spring clean

It's official, spring has FINALLY sprung down-under. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

As the season shifts and the world outside blooms with renewal, it's a perfect moment to turn your attention to your digital marketing strategy.

Just like decluttering a space can bring a sense of clarity, revisiting your marketing strategy this season can set the stage for success during the up-and-coming Christmas crush.

So, drawing inspiration from the principles of organisation championed by the one and only Marie Kondo, here are a few pointers on how to clear out the cobwebs and get your digital strategy in top shape for the silly season.

Evaluate your metrics for clear insights πŸ”Ž

Start by focusing on metrics – the foundation of informed decision-making. A well-calibrated evaluation strategy is crucial for progress. The key metrics to gauge marketing success include brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, engagement, customer loyalty, web traffic, social media impact, and overall sales. It's imperative to ensure that you have robust measurements in place for each of these aspects.

However, don't stop at surface-level metrics. Surprisingly, a staggering 49% of marketers rely solely on basic indicators. Elevate your game by delving into more nuanced and relevant data. A sophisticated understanding of your analytics will propel your strategy forward.

Furthermore, hunt for gaps in your data. Remember, every metric tells a different story, so it's essential to consider the bigger picture. For instance, while a webpage might be receiving substantial traffic, understanding its source and quality of views (time spent, conversion potential, demographics) is equally essential.

Fine tune your budget allocations πŸ’Έ

With your metrics established, you'll uncover insights into what's truly effective. Identify the areas generating the most leads, driving traffic, and engaging customers. Allocate most of your budget here – the old 80/20 rule.

Addressing underperforming areas is just as crucial. Avoid sweeping issues under the rug; instead, strategically channel spend into these to improve on your weaknesses.

Consider investing in new tactics. Don't be afraid to test and experiment! Exploring uncharted territories may seem daunting, but if you have proper performance tracking you can iterate and refine your approach as you learn.

Audit your marcomm stack πŸ“’

Your marketing stack's purpose is straightforward: target prospects and convert them into customers. Core components at the very least should include: A CRM, peformance measurement tools and a marketing automation platform.

Are your current tools up to par? When did you last review what's out there?

To assess your tools' value, compile a list and evaluate their outcomes, relevance, user-friendliness, and frequency of use. If you identify unnecessary or less impactful tools, consider exploring new options that could deliver better value.

Importantly - involve the team members that actually use these tools in your review process and get their input before making any decisions.

And if you'd like us to take care of this process with you, reach out. We've tried all the tools out there and can find you the perfect fit for your business and customers.

Rekindle your email database πŸ“§

Don't overlook your email marketing database – it's easy to forget! If lackluster open rates have become the norm, it's time for a refresh.

We suggest starting off simple - Send an opt-in message to your existing distribution list, with engaging copy and visuals that reflect your brand's personality. Try to include something in it for them, too.

Doing this will help you filter out inactive accounts and enhance the accuracy of your data.

Secure your data and streamline your accounts πŸ”

In the digital age, data security is paramount. With thousands of records compromised daily and the potential financial implications of data breaches, safeguarding your information is non-negotiable. Educate your employees about cybersecurity through research, email communications, or team meetings.

Conduct a full sweep of your accounts. Check whether social media platforms have unintended access to your data. Review your company apps meticulously to ensure intentional cross-connections, secure and unique passwords, removal of old employee access, and recent password updates.

If you haven't already, invest in a password sharing vault service such as Lastpass or Dashlane. It'll increase your security and make life so much easier. Win win.

Looking for ways to get your marketing blooming this spring? Flight can help.Β Reach outΒ for a korero, we'd love to hear from you.


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