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01 Jun, 2022

Stripe’s new App Marketplace brings third-party tools right into Stripe

In a nutshell:

  • Stripe Apps brings together a host of third-party tools, providing a one-stop for managing operations with Stripe and its partners.

  • For the first time, developers can build and publish apps that reach millions of businesses on Stripe, or build apps for use within their own business.

  • At launch, the Stripe App Marketplace includes over 50 apps for core business functions from leading providers like Dropbox, Intercom, Mailchimp and Xero — with plenty more to come.

  • Flight's primary technology stack is headless, which by nature plays well when integrating with any service that offers an API. By creating this all in one approach, Stripe removes the necessity for us to have multiple integrations for simple things (like subscription services) in an online store.

  • This new offering enables and promotes flexibility and connectivity across e-commerce and modern web frameworks - we love to see it.

The full story

Stripe, the online payments startup now valued at over $95 billion, has just announced the release of Stripe Apps and the Stripe App Marketplace. As an ecosystem of popular third-party tools, Stripe Apps brings a host of CRM, accounting, analytics and marketing features directly into the platform.

Whereas Stripe has offered extensions for several years already, this only allowed businesses to transfer Stripe features and data into other products. This latest offering works in reverse — it creates new possibilities for developers to build additional functionality directly in the Stripe Dashboard and addresses one of the “top requests” that Stripe said that it receives from customers.

Even if they’re using Stripe to process payments, customers still need to use a suite of different tools to manage their day-to-day operations and customer experience. For example, issuing refund notices or closing a support ticket. This constant ‘context-switching’ introduces the potential for human error and slows everything down. Stripe Apps unites many of the tools that businesses rely on, making it easier to complete common tasks in one place and combine fragmented workflows.

The new Stripe Apps Marketplace also enables developers to build both public-facing apps ( apps that can be used by any Stripe user) and private apps for their own business needs.

Sick of context switching and managing multiple applications to create bespoke user experiences on your e-commerce stores? Get in touch to chat about how we could consolidate your administrative experiences.

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