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02 Aug, 2022

Stuff We Love: Experiential websites edition

Our 'Stuff We Love' series is where we share the latest ideas, people and projects that inspire us and spark creativity. This months focus; experiential websites taking engagement to another level.

Maison Ruinart's Unconvential Gallery

Each year, Maison Ruinart (the first ever Champagne House, established in 1729) invites an international contemporary artist to share his or her vision of the famous Maison. In 2020 it was British artist David Shrigley who had the honour, applying his unique take on Ruinart across 42 artworks.

David's exhibition was brought to life with an interactive virtual gallery experience. The result was an art fair made accessible to all, kind of perfect during a time when the world was self isolating.

Tour the Unconventional Gallery

Forecasting the future with Earth 2050

What will life on Earth really look like 20 years from now? Or 30? The 2050.earth project offers a glimpse into our future, publishing detailed forecasts made by futurologists, scientists and Internet users around the world.

The site looks like an interactive globe: choose a city and see what experts are predicting for three milestones: 2030, 2040 and 2050. Predictions can apply to a city, country or the whole world. We love this experience because it's super interactive and engaging, and guaranteed to get you thinking.

Check out 2050.earth

Get behind the virtual wheel with Kia

Choose your route. Customise your car. Take a drive in the Kia EV6 with a fun and realistic, hands-on, behind-the-wheel interactive module that immerses you in a 360-degree experience.

The multi-award winning Kia VR Driving Centre platform was released along with the launch of Kia’s EV6 EV, as a creative and clever solution for ensuring test drive uptake during a global pandemic. The service is also used by Kia to help with dealer training and sales assistance material.

Go for a spin

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