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01 Jun, 2022

Welcoming Ashleigh to the Flight team

Meet Ashleigh, one of our Digital Project Managers. Ash initially joined Flight as a freelancer to help us out with a busy period of project work.

However we soon knew that Ash would make a wonderful permanent member of the team, and we were stoked when she took us up on the offer. Prior to joining Flight, Ash spent time working at a web agency specializing in eCommerce builds specifically utilizing Shopify. And while Ash is an absolute gun in the Shopify space, she’s equally valuable when it comes to our wider offering. Find out more about her below.

What made you want to work with Flight?

The opportunity to upskill and work within a full service digital marketing agency. I have been blown away by the level of talent here. Everyone in each team is an expert in their own field so being surrounded by this level of talent and creativity inspires me to step up to their level.

Do you have a hidden talent no one knows about?

I wish. I used to do competitive Latin American dancing when I was younger & hip hop. So you can catch me busting a move sometimes in the kitchen.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

I have a 7 year old mini-me so most of my time is spent mummy-ing. I  catch up with friends & family on the weekend for a walk & coffee, errands. I’m currently working on a kids clothing brand with a good friend of mine, so that’s taking up a bit of time too.

Can you recommend a movie or TV series that you've recently watched and now can't stop?

The Boys on Amazon Prime. A few people in the office actually got me hooked on it. It’s great if you like humour, pop culture references, gore, corrupt superheroes and….Jensen Ackles.

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