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07 Sep, 2023

Welcoming Freeda to the Flight team

Meet Freeda, a recent addition to our Client Services team. As a seasoned digital marketing and project management pro, we’re excited to have her as an Account Manager guiding our clients to help them grow their business.

Prior to joining Flight, Freeda was with Maverick Digital Tourism, delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions for tourism businesses across NZ & Fiji. A German girl putting down roots in Aotearoa NZ, her friendly and ambitious nature has Freeda fitting right in already.

Find out more about her below.

What made you want to work with Flight?

I was super impressed with Flight’s work and their commitment to their clients. Working across a broad range of industries will be a great opportunity for me to upskill and build new relationships.

Do you have a hidden talent no one knows about?

My hidden talent is foosball! My dad and I used to compete together in local championships when I was little.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

One of my new found hobbies is pottery - I love hand forming and throwing cute clay creations that I can then use at home. It can be super meditative - or stressful when something goes wrong haha.

What's your top irrational fear?

BIRDS. Especially the thought that their claws might get tangled up in my hair and their wings slap in my face.

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