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27 Apr, 2022

Why Sanity CMS?

Why we chose Sanity CMS

Flight Digital uses as our chosen Headless Content Management system. Using Sanity allows us to craft exceptional digital platforms that are scalable, flexible, and lightning-fast.

In the post we will cover what Sanity is and 5 of the reasons why we love it.

What is "Headless" content management?

The primary concept behind a headless CMS is that it separates the content/data from the presentation layer or website. Sanity extends this one step further treating content as structured data. Storing content as structured data is a hugely powerful way to organize and manage your data while making it widely accessible to many outputs or heads.

Think of your new website, your marketing automation software, your CRM, your smart fridge... all being able to read and write from the same structured content within one content management system.

5 reasons we ❤️ Sanity

1: Modularity

With Sanity, we can easily create modular and re-usable component schema. Using a modified version of the atomic design principle we build each component with customization in mind. By breaking down the schema into micro components such as buttons, images, and text blocks we enable our customers to build a variety of larger components or page templates.

2: A flexible editing studio

Out of the box, Sanity provides an amazing content editing studio. Each instance of the Sanity studio is custom-built for each client we work with and tailored for our client's business needs.

The studio is also written in React, a powerful modern javascript language, that enables almost unlimited flexibility over how the CMS is constructed.

3: Scalable pricing

Sanity has a great free plan which includes unlimited administrators and a generous quota usage. Some more tangible numbers:

Free: Approx 150,000-200,000 page views per month. This can change based on the content of each page and whether the site is built statically or dynamically*

Free: Unlimited administrators and up to three editors.

There are team, business, and enterprise tiers that provide larger retention periods, more users, and heightened security and recovery plans.

*We build our headless websites statically using Gatsby.js

4: Next level collaboration and revision workflows

Sanity provides development like capability to the studio with a robust version history api. Track changes, duplicate content or cherry pick changes to roll back to. You are never blocked from editing a post by another user allowing you team to collaborate from anywhere.

5: Limitless integrations

Sanity is built on the premise that data should be available everywhere and connected through API's. Because of this universal belief, anything that also has an API can push or pull content from Sanity.

Whether it's syncing customers to Hubspot, sending property listing details to TradeMe or automatically sending EDM's when content is added, with Sanity it is all possible

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