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17 Nov, 2020

Matching for Movember.

The team at Flight Digital are looking better than ever this month, sporting some of the worlds most and least desirable moustaches and doing so for a number of great causes.

We’d love your support and in return, we’ll match your donation dollar-for-dollar, in services.

‘Mo’ Money No Problem

We know what it’s like to be asked for donations, the awkward eye contact, sweaty palms and rollercoaster of internal conflicts between your inner-philanthropist and inner-accountant. We also know how much easier it is to swallow your pride, simply turn away and get on with your day. That’s why we’re offering something in return, matching dollar for dollar, donations for service up to $250 per client.

The deal and how it works.

To participate, simply head over to our team Movember page, drop a donation, reference the donation with ‘Matching for Movember’ and get in touch with our team to redeem. It’s that easy!

We’ve put together a wee guide which highlights what you could do with your comp services below.

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