Unleashing eCommerce success for a premium pet food brand.

ZIWI Pets, the Kiwi pet food sensation loved by pet owners worldwide, needed a new digital platform that aligned to their brand but also fetched eCommerce success on a global scale.

The Challenge

Pet parents – they're meticulous when it comes to their fur babies. From the origins of each ingredient to the farm-to-bowl journey, they want it all. Our mission was clear: to craft an informative, community-driven website that not only educated but also instilled confidence, ensuring pet owners that ZIWI's pet food sources were top-notch.

ZIWI's ambitious global multi-site strategy, intertwined with a brand rejuvenation and the launch of a new product line, called for a modern, scalable eCommerce solution. Our focus was on deeply engaging customers, showcasing ZIWI's innovations, products, and brand philosophy.

The Challenge

The Solution

Harnessing the power of Shopify Plus, our skilled development team engineered a robust backend solution. It empowered ZIWI's team to effortlessly manage products and stock levels, setting the stage for global expansion. Our custom design, based on Shopify's latest base theme, Dawn, was complemented by the strategic use of Shopify Plus Storefronts, resulting in a two-pronged approach.

The first site emerged as the global hub, offering a comprehensive display of ZIWI's entire product range, sans eCommerce. Meanwhile, the second site, the US platform, streamlined the shopping experience with select product offerings, ensuring a seamless shopping journey.

The Solution

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