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01 Nov, 2022

Promotions and an all-new Head of Delivery: the latest on our leadership team.

We're thrilled to have recently cemented our leadership team's structure with these three incredible people.

In recognition of their invaluable contribution, Katala Randell (middle) has been promoted to Head of Design and Lauren Walsh (right) has been promoted to Head of Client Services. We've also snagged Nico Caracciolo (left) as our first ever Head of Delivery and we are so glad we did.

Over the past few years we’ve put in work to bring together a team who deliver exceptional value and a quality of work that rivals the best. Our most recent round of promotions paired with welcoming Nico in as Head of Delivery has really bolstered our structure to achieve this.

We're humbled to work alongside such incredible people and extremely excited for Flight’s future.

Full details here thanks to StopPress New Zealand.

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