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07 Sep, 2020

Welcoming Taylor, to the Flight Digital team.

After completing a Bachelor of Creative Technology in 2009, Taylor decided to start up his own business offering creative software solutions. Beginning with Seamonkey Media where he developed IOS applications for 2 years with AUT, Taylor eventually moved on to Cloudhouse as an intermediate IOS developer.

From here Taylor really honed his skillset after forming a new agency called Black Software that took on the previous client base from Cloudhouse. Some of the key clients he worked on during his time there was Heart of The City, Fullers, Suitebox and ASB Kiwisaver, which helped Taylor gain the necessary experience to further his career.

“I’ve really enjoyed growing in my role with help from some of the clients I’ve worked on over the years. I love to problem solve and implementing the best kind of technology to help us achieve our goals.”

Taylor first got connected with Flight Digital through, which is a website he developed with some friends to help connect people looking for work through an online marketplace. This includes a range of miscellaneous tasks from fixing up your front fence to helping someone move furniture.

Once Joblist went live, Taylor remained connected with Flight Digital Director, Victor Green who wanted to keep growing the company. Given Taylors experience, hiring him as the new Head of Technology was a no-brainer due to his advanced skill set and great fit within the company culture.

“Taylor has been a great addition to the Flight team ever since he joined. His knowledge of technology and the industry has helped to take our product even further as the company continues to grow. We’re excited to have talent like Taylor on this journey with us and we look forward to what’s next,” says Victor.

With many exciting projects in the works, Taylor and the Flight Digital team look poised for a strong 2021!

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